Zoey, a large hound mix that we removed from the shelter, began to exhibit signs of lethargy and other clues that caused concern. She was diagnosed with a spleen tumor, which Woof! had removed several weeks ago. She’s doing well, but due to the nature of the tumor, she’s in hospice care for the next few months – and hopefully will survive a lot longer. That surgery, plus her medicine and care, is costing us over $5,000.



When Zoey first came into my care, she suffered from extreme separation anxiety, bathroom training inconsistencies, and aggression toward other dogs.  With love, patience, and training, Zoey has blossomed into a calm, devoted, and gentle dog.  Zoey is now able to calmly pass other dogs on the street and can cope when her foster mom has to go to work.  She has a lot of love to give, and is a deeply loyal and affectionate dog.


Emmlou Success.PNG

Unfortunately, Zoey had a cancerous tumor on her spleen.  Woof Rescue fully covered her medical costs, including veterinary visits, surgical removal of the tumor, and post-operative treatment and medications.  While her ultimate prognosis is uncertain, Woof Rescue sponsors stable, nurturing "fospice" (foster hospice) care for Zoey to live out her days in peace and dignity.