Cleo (formerly Skye) Finds Her Forever Family

Cleo's mom Tracey sent this update to WOOF: "Cleo is doing great! She’s just fantastic and the best addition to our family. She loves her brothers and follows Geoff and me everywhere. She continues to firm up and loves to walk and meet people and dogs in the neighborhood. Her hair is growing in great and I brush her a lot which helps her dry skin. She loves that and dances around showing off after a brush.   She loves having me working at home and naps in my office with Jasper. And she loves to play games with Nixon and her toys. She’s the sweetest girl and we love her."

Skype update July 2018.jpg

Baxter's Morning Walks

Baxter's new mom Rachel took this sweet boy and his sibling for a walk around the lake the day after adoption.  She reports that "he is such a well behaved boy walking on leash. He was sniffing the grass; checking out the neighborhood; and of course making his marks."

Baxter lake walk.jpg

An Update on Shepherd (formerly Baxter)

Sherperd's family tells WOOF that: "He is the best companion!! He is just excited to be with us ALL THE TIME.  He has learned his dinner manners - he has to sit and wait before he can eat.  He is so intelligent!  We are all having a great period of adjustment.  I am so glad he came into our lives."  

Baxter adopted.jpg

JoJo Celebrates His Adoption Anniversary

JoJo's mother Jennifer sent the following message to WOOF on the one year anniversary of adopting her precious boy: "Today is the anniversary of the day I picked him up last year, and he has gone from a snarling, lunging, hoarding, biting ball of fear to a loving, fun, happy, playful, snuggly little love. Lots and lots of training and Zuke’s treats and routine and love, and now he’s the best companion I could have wished for."

Jojo adoption anniversary.jpg

Oliver (formerly Alex) Loves the Snow

Oliver's new family tells Woof: "Just wanted to let you know that Ollie LOVES the snow - he literally frolics in it! The holidays seem that much happier with Ollie as a member of the family (there are officially three stockings going to be hung by the fireplace this year: one for Jahnavi, one for Sachin, and one for Oliver Finn). We are very thankful to you for rescuing him and letting us be a part of his life."

Alex adopted 6.jpg

Meeko (formerly Barney) Loves His New Home

Meeko's new mom Erica sent this report to WOOF after his first night in his new home: "He did great! And he’s been running around the apartment playing with his toys. Meeko is currently claiming his bed. He’s still exploring but generally seems as comfortable as we could hope at this stage."

1st night in new home ... 11-9-17.jpg

Quinn Makes A Friend

Mathilda tell WOOF that "Quinn is doing  great. He has decided  that Mike is the best friend  he always wanted.  The rest of the family loves Quinn too as he is quite fun to be around.  We are really enjoying him and am glad that  he is part of our family."

Quinn update.jpg