Lucy is Lovin' Life!

Marcy shared the following update with WOOF about her precocious little girl:

“Lucy is great.  I love her curiosity and personality.  She's probably the best guard dog I've ever had! Lucy has had a big year.   She was on a plane, probably for the first time.   She was a great traveler!  After much research, she has switched to a home cooked diet and she loves it.  She has also been going to work with me on occasion and she's made a lot of friends.   She went hiking this summer with her big brothers and she did really well.  She loves her brothers and I sometimes catch her giving one of them a kiss.  

Lucy still prefers to stay inside,  but she will occasionally go out for a walk with the big dogs.  She doesn't mind being outside in the suburbs,  but the city is still too busy for her.  All in,  I think Lucy is having a good time with me.  I've attached a picture of her in her Halloween costume.   She really does not like clothes of any kind,  so she's being a good sport here.”