Biscuit, World Traveler

Biscuit is doing great! He's become a traveler. We've taken him to the Hamptons, a rural cabin in PA, and to Woodstock. He loved all the trees and the fresh air and dirt. During a hike in the woods, our friends said that "the beast in Biscuit has awoken!" We took him on an airplane to visit Jill's folks in January and he did great! He charmed everyone at the airport - even the crusty security guys couldn't help but smile when I walked through the metal detectors. He was almost completely quiet during the flight except for one bark when he was startled by the landing gear going down! And he was happy to meet his dog-in-laws in Nevada.

Biscuit loves the snow! He loves going to our backyard and tromping through it and eating large chunks of ice! And when I'm walking him in the neighborhood, he often jumps on mountains of snow on the sidewalk - just because he can. Then proceeds turn the snow yellow - which he seems to enjoy as much as a 5 year old boy! Our love and excitement for this dog has only increased - he's so smart and is becoming very obedient at the important things. We've taken him to Fort Greene part during off-leash hours and he does so well - he loves the freedom, but always stays nearby and comes back to us as soon as we call his name.