Bonnie inspires a Tattoo - WOOF! Rescue Update

Bonnie is STILL AMAZING!  We really can't imagine our lives without her- seriously!  And I don't think our families could either!  Our parents have fully embraced her as their grandpuppy.  Actually, my husband and I recently had to go on a short trip and my inlaws begged if they could babysit her. 

She is still happy, healthy and super spunky!  She's just the sweetest thing ever.  She greets everyone with kisses and butt wagging and immediately tries to sit in their lap to get as close as possible to them to show them how much she loves them.  Whenever we run into old neighbors their first question is to ask "how is Bonnie?".     

I'd be lying if I said we had't spoiled her a bit but we really wouldn't have it any other way. Our nightly routine is to say "time for bed" and she follows us into the bedroom and jumps into bed and immediately burrows under the covers!  My husband adores her so much he recently got her tattooed on his leg eating her favorite human food- pizza (we only give her the crusts).

I've included some pictures that I hope make you smile.  We really can't thank you and your rescue for all you did for her. She really is everything to us!


Brett, Kim and Bonnie