Grayson's 1-year Adoption Anniversary Update

The "Bed Sandwich"

The "Bed Sandwich"

Note from Woof!:  When Grayson was removed from the shelter and put in our care, he was deathly ill and spent his first week in intensive care at Animal Medical Center.  His shelter kennel cough had gone untreated and developed into a serious case of pneumonia. Our volunteers were praying for his recovery.  This is Grayson today with his new family.

Here’s what his parents say:


Hope you're both doing great. Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary of bringing home Grayson, and we just wanted to get in touch to let you know what an amazing addition he's been to our lives, and how happy we are we got him. We can't imagine our lives without him anymore. He's such a happy, funny little boy, who gives the best cuddles and kisses ever. His favorite activity is playing with his bed and dragging it all over the house. We actually got him a second bed because the first one was in pretty bad shape, but he managed to find the old one and create a bed sandwich for himself (see photo). He's also relentless at getting squeakers and stuffing out of toys, and can entertain himself for hours with this. He's learned lots of new tricks, including dancing on his hind legs - anything for a treat!


Grayson is our little furbaby, and this February he'll be a big brother to a human sister! Hopefully he learns to share all those toys.


Thank you again for rescuing this sweet little boy, and best of luck to all your new rescues.