Noah Finds Comfort in His New Home

WOOF! Rescue received the following update from Justin about his new companion: He (Noah) is adapting and settling in more and more every day. He is very mellow and relaxed during the mornings; he just lays on the couch while I work at my desk. In the afternoon and evenings he gets pretty hyper and wants to play. His favorite toy is an old sock of mine I gave him. We're having some tug-of-war battles with it.  My mom is besotted with him and loves to see him via Skype from Denver. 


An Update From Gertie's Family

WOOF! received the following update from Gertie's new family:  She is doing well. She follows Ellen around the house – sound familiar?  Over time she has become more comfortable with me.  On days when I am working at home alone, she will spend the day with me.  She loves to walk – she understands “walk” when we ask her, and she will sit at the door and bark to go out.  She is still adjusting to her new home, but she seems very happy. Every day I think she feels more comfortable and “at home” here.  

Gertie adopted 3.jpg

Bailey Finds A Friend

Bailey (right) is settling into his new home and has found a great friend in his new pal Apollo (left).  These two pups can't get enough of each other.  Bailey goes everywhere with his new family, already feels comfortable sleeping in bed with his parents, and even the cats don't mind having this guy around.  Another WOOF! success story.

Bailey adopted 2.jpg

Winnie & Her Forever Family

Winnie (formerly Twinkie) is now receiving plenty of care and attention from her new owners and we are told that she enjoys roaming the backyard of her suburban NJ home.  Winnie had no reservations sleeping in bed with her new parents on the first night at her forever home.  Love at first sight! Winnie...first night in her new home.jpg

Gertie Is Adopted!

Gertie's new parents, Ellen and Paul, report that she has been enjoying exploring her new home since being adopted.  In their note to WOOF!, this couple wrote "thank you for bringing her into our lives and the hard work (that) goes into rescuing all the dogs you help find new families."

Dakota Goes To A New Home

Dakota’s new mother tells WOOF! that her darling girl is one of the cutest, sweetest, most loving pups.  She is fond of everyone including other dogs, children, and doormen.  Dakota has already made two new friends in her building, a husky pup and Shepard.  Dakota’s mom said that her new canine companion brings her so much joy, love, giggles and non-stop fun every day and she will forever be grateful to WOOF! for her new dog.

Brandy's One Year Adoption Anniversary

Brandy's mom Gayle sent WOOF! the following update about her precious girl:

"Brandy is doing great, I love her so much. She has learned to "talk"---at least what she thinks is talking---and I've gotten very good at guessing what she is saying. When I get it right she does her "happy dance" by turning in a little circle.  She has become a very confident little girl, which is wonderful to see. She enjoys being with other dogs now and definitely knows how to handle herself. I'm constantly laughing at her antics.

July 12 will be one-year since Brandy and I became family; she will be nine-years-old. I love her with all my heart and I'm grateful to have her in my life. She is my little shadow, we make quite the team!"

A Foster Family Falls In Love

WOOF! rescued Cappy, this beautiful pitbull, after his owners could no longer care for him.  Cappy (whose name is now Maverick) was placed in a foster home and his foster family fell in love with this adorable fellow and decided to adopt him.  Maverick’s new family has a few other dogs and he loves playing with them and cuddling with his new owners.  Giving up an animal can be a very difficult and painful decision, but the family who could no longer keep this dog praised WOOF! for their kindness and care.  Maverick’s former owner said that “I am at complete peace now!! I love him and it feels sooooo wonderful to know that his new family loves him too!! I will be referring EVERYONE to your rescue!!!”

Alex (Now Oliver) is Adopted

Ollie's new family is thrilled about the addition to their household.  They told WOOF! that Ollie loved meeting Scooby, a good friend's dog, and spending time with another animal did wonders for him.  Their pup has been exploring his new house, playing vigorously with his toys, and loves going outdoors.

Alex adopted 4.jpg