Rocky And His New Mommy

Smokey now ROCKY is Adopted! This 11 month old Chorkie was purchased from a breeder in PA and surrendered to us seven months later due to “no time”. His foster mom stepped up immediately and decided he was so wonderful that she would provide his forever home. 

Rocky with mommy dearest.jpg

Brandy the Bumblebee

Brandy’s mom Gayle sent the following note to our organization: Brandy had a good time at her furbaby Halloween party. She was dressed as a bee and even wore the little bee stingers on her head; she generally won't wear anything on her head. That's probably why she's sticking out her tongue at us! She's doing great. A little over 10-years-old, but can act like a goofy puppy when she's in the mood. We're definitely best buds. I'm so happy that you brought her over to the other apartment for a visit. We were meant for each other. Thank you and Woof Dog Rescue for all that you do.

Brandy in costume.jpg

Tanner's Tricks

Tanner’s family tells WOOF that: “The whole family, especially Tanner, is doing great.  We continue to bond and grow.  He has been learning many new skills and tricks … to stay, catch, stand, turn and get the ball, and drop the ball on command.  It’s only been two weeks, but we could not imagine being without him in our family.  He loves snuggles, and is super smart and very curious.”

Tanner update Nov 2018.jpg

Rue Finds a Forever Family

Cecile tells WOOF about Rue's (pictured on the right) first day in her new home: We took her out to an outdoor cafe while we had dinner.  She was so well behaved. We are now home and she has sniffed every corner. Glad you gave us her Uncle Sam and her ball.  She wanted to play with them as they were familiar.  

Rue now Trixie with new nephew 7-30-18.jpg

Cleo (formerly Skye) Finds Her Forever Family

Cleo's mom Tracey sent this update to WOOF: "Cleo is doing great! She’s just fantastic and the best addition to our family. She loves her brothers and follows Geoff and me everywhere. She continues to firm up and loves to walk and meet people and dogs in the neighborhood. Her hair is growing in great and I brush her a lot which helps her dry skin. She loves that and dances around showing off after a brush.   She loves having me working at home and naps in my office with Jasper. And she loves to play games with Nixon and her toys. She’s the sweetest girl and we love her."

Skype update July 2018.jpg

Baxter's Morning Walks

Baxter's new mom Rachel took this sweet boy and his sibling for a walk around the lake the day after adoption.  She reports that "he is such a well behaved boy walking on leash. He was sniffing the grass; checking out the neighborhood; and of course making his marks."

Baxter lake walk.jpg