Meeko (formerly Barney) Loves His New Home

Meeko's new mom Erica sent this report to WOOF after his first night in his new home: "He did great! And he’s been running around the apartment playing with his toys. Meeko is currently claiming his bed. He’s still exploring but generally seems as comfortable as we could hope at this stage."

1st night in new home ... 11-9-17.jpg

Quinn Makes A Friend

Mathilda tell WOOF that "Quinn is doing  great. He has decided  that Mike is the best friend  he always wanted.  The rest of the family loves Quinn too as he is quite fun to be around.  We are really enjoying him and am glad that  he is part of our family."

Quinn update.jpg

Phoebe Relaxes At The Pool

Phoebe's family has remained in touch with our organization since adopting their sweet little girl.  "Every time I get a new picture of one of your fosters it makes me so sad I can’t take them all! Phoebe is just wonderful and delicious and the sweetest and I can’t imagine life without her!"

Phoebe update.jpg

There's No Substitution for Butter!

Butter's mother Susan tells WOOF that "The Butter-bean is doing well.  He’s actually lost quite a bit more weight (down to a svelte 16 lbs).  He’s found his voice and loves to give chase to any furry intruder in our yard (we moved them back to PA last fall).  Other than a tick this summer and needing the occasional allergy meds and ear ointment, he’s a very healthy pup and he loves his two furry brothers (and two human brothers) very much.   He’s such a funny dog and he loves everyone and he’s such a little gentleman.  Thank you for saving him.  He brings us such joy and live every day!

Fall 2017.3.jpeg

Cooper: Loving Life in Brooklyn

Cooper's parents tell WOOF that their little fellow "is still a wild little guy, but a bit less so than before. He's responding well to training and doing much better with separation anxiety. He's spent a couple of days with dog sitters, which went very well. He loves to play fetch with a new toy outside the Brooklyn Museum, where there is a long piece of lawn for him to run up and down (on a retractable leash)."


Cole, King of the Castle

Cole came to our rescue scared, guarding, and biting. After three weeks at boot camp in New Jersey, Cole was rehabilitated and able to be adopted.  His new family adores him and says "Cole is officially the king of the castle".  This example shows that dogs like Cole simply need a chance and they will thrive in a loving environment. 

Cole update photo.jpg

Jesse, the Snowbird

Dog parents Kristen and Cynthia tell us that Jesse loves his new home in Portland, Maine.  However, he misses the excitement of the big city.  Jesse is looking forward to life as a snowbird since he will soon spend half of the year in Miami.  

Jesse update.jpg

Lulu's Healthy and Thirving

Lulu came to WOOF with an eye condition as a result of allergies.  Her terrific parents have continued the medical care that was initiated by our organization, and now she's as happy and healthy as ever!  Another WOOF success story.

Lulu update 1.jpg

Happy 5th Birthday, Kirby!

Kirby's family WOOF that "Kirby is doing great. We celebrated his 5th birthday this month and will be marking his one year anniversary with us in November. Can’t believe how quickly time is passing!  He is a very sweet dog who is very attached to us, truly a beloved member of the family, and I feel so fortunate to have him in my life."

Summer 2017.2.jpg

Lola, Queen of the Castle!

Jared and Adriana shared the following update about their faithful companion:  

We came to the conclusion that Lola has some rat terrier in her blood line.  Her favorite pastimes are chasing squirrels and rats.  She's been given carte-blanche to be off the leash in our community garden where she's been tasked with identifying rat burrows so that we can fill them with gravel.  No rat is safe.

Lola is very bossy - sleeps on the bed, expects to have her belly rubbed, and pretty much runs the show.

Lola update pic.jpg

An Update from Alfie

Alfie's mom Katie tell us that "We spent 3 months with my family in Seattle and he had wonderful time.  He learned how to swim in the lake, too.  He never leaves me; we go everywhere together. He is a little funny brat!"

Alfie update.jpg