Oliver, a scruffy apricot-colored Poodle mix, arrived from the City shelter to foster with
Woof.  He was in pretty terrible condition and probably hadn’t ever had a bath or grooming. He had apparently been tossed out by his owners was picked up by animal control.  We got to him just before he was scheduled to be euthanized.  The first stop was the groomer, but later that day, I noticed that his breathing was labored, so I took him to the emergency veterinarian.  After much testing, the awful verdict came down .. he was in congestive heart failure and was given a short time to live!  He was such a wonderfully sweet boy, and we at Woof decided we weren’t going to let him go so easily.  We took him to specialists for further testing, and put him on several medications to help prolong his life.



Oliver was loving to all, including my other fosters, every dog in the street, and anyone passing by had some magical need to touch him … and he responded to all.  He is so special and gave me so much joy.  Because of his health condition, we didn’t think we’d ever find him a home. But, lo and behold, a wonderful couple saw his picture, and said they needed to give him a chance to get all the love they had to give, and a home he truly deserved … and he has blossomed under their care.


His new mom and dad then took him to a Holistic veterinarian who put him on some wonderful natural medications, and with his new family, traveled each weekend to their second home where he thoroughly enjoyed running and playing on the beach with all the children in the neighborhood, and every other dog he could find to romp with.

Because Woof Rescue doesn’t give up on any animal -- and no one in his new and loving home ever gave up on him either -- Oliver is now thriving!  He’s eating well, running and playing, snuggling and kissing everyone, and will hopefully far outlive the dire predictions and expectations of all his doctors.   What a boy!!!!