Emmylou contracted a combination of both viral and bacterial pneumonia while at the NYC shelter. She was in intensive care at the Animal Medical Center for 11 days, which resulted in a bill to our organization of over $12,000. We took care of this, of course, and I’m happy to say that she’s now happily living with her wonderful new family.



We pulled Emmylou from the Manhattan city shelter with an extremely bad case of pneumonia. She spent two weeks in isolation at the Animal Medical Center where she received excellent care and her life was saved. To recover fully, she spent the next two months in foster care where she regained her strength, energy and appetite. Emmylou was very shy and skittish in the beginning but slowly blossomed into the sweet loving little dog she is today. She loved being close to her foster mom at all times and even slept in bed with her, tightly cuddled.  She learned to walk nicely on the leash and really enjoyed the outdoors.


Emmlou Success.PNG
Emmylou was adopted into a wonderful home where she lives with two doggie-siblings and gets walked in Central Park everyday. She enjoys her adoptive family's second home in Connecticut, and even rests on the chaise lounge while her Mom takes a swim. A true rags to riches story!